Everybody has a smart phone these days, and these smart phones are almost as powerful as our computers. In a sense they are tiny computers, we can just make a call through them as well. Whether its social media, checking up on facts or anything else, we prefer to do it on our smart phones. Because of that reason, the industry is booming with thousands of apps coming out daily, and so the role of the app developer is of most importance. When interviewing one, keep up the normal decorum as you’d talk to someone professionally. However the content of the interview will be a bit different, and here’s how:

  1. What kind of smartphone do you use?

For someone who works in the field itself, this should be your gateway question to ask when you’re easing into the nitty gritty details about app development. This reveals a lot about the developer as to which devices they prefer and why, and what that means.

  1. Name 3 of your favorite mobile apps

Call it playing favorites, but this will allow you to know to which side the developer’s mind leans to. It can tell volumes about the kind of work they do as well, and the quality of said work as well.

  1. participated in the creation of any app

Now we get to the thick of it, and this is where the developer will show off their work and talk about their experience. The more experience the better, if they haven’t yet developed any professional app yet, they can still show the apps they may have developed on theirr own or as school practices.

android developer

  1. disadvantages of both Android and iOS.

Prerequisite to this question would be knowledge about these particular smartphone OS, as they would be working in one. Then ask them the disadvantage of that OS, a competent app designer would be able to answer this question flawlessly as they will know about the tools they work with.

  1. desktop/web app development vs. mobile app development?

An important question to ask, a knowledgeable and competent user testing developer will reply with a list of differences, including different screen sizes and resolutions, variable connection speeds, battery consume and memory limitations.

  1. security issues?

This is by far the most controversial and sensitive question because these can be a big red flag for the developer if they show up in their app. However, the way this is answered can reveal a lot about the developer and their attitude. Give a mock situation consisting of a security problem and ask them how they would solve it. The competent ones will have no problem answering and will likely give you a long list of answers and things they would do.


When talking to an app developer, especially one from a technical Houston SEO company, there are about a thousand more questions you can ask, but the ones presented here will touch all the important topics allowing you to get just the sufficient amount of information required.

Top IT & Technical Interview Questions