Everybody has a smart phone these days, and these smart phones are almost as powerful as our computers. In a sense they are tiny computers, we can just make a call through them as well. Whether its social media, checking up on facts or anything else, we prefer to do it on our smart phones. Because of that reason, the industry is booming with thousands of apps coming out daily, and so the role of the app developer is of most importance. When interviewing one, keep up the normal decorum as you’d talk to someone professionally. However the content of the interview will be a bit different, and here’s how:

  1. What kind of smartphone do you use?

For someone who works in the field itself, this should be your gateway question to ask when you’re easing into the nitty gritty details about app development. This reveals a lot about the developer as to which devices they prefer and why, and what that means.

  1. Name 3 of your favorite mobile apps

Call it playing favorites, but this will allow you to know to which side the developer’s mind leans to. It can tell volumes about the kind of work they do as well, and the quality of said work as well.

  1. participated in the creation of any app

Now we get to the thick of it, and this is where the developer will show off their work and talk about their experience. The more experience the better, if they haven’t yet developed any professional app yet, they can still show the apps they may have developed on theirr own or as school practices.

android developer

  1. disadvantages of both Android and iOS.

Prerequisite to this question would be knowledge about these particular smartphone OS, as they would be working in one. Then ask them the disadvantage of that OS, a competent app designer would be able to answer this question flawlessly as they will know about the tools they work with.

  1. desktop/web app development vs. mobile app development?

An important question to ask, a knowledgeable and competent user testing developer will reply with a list of differences, including different screen sizes and resolutions, variable connection speeds, battery consume and memory limitations.

  1. security issues?

This is by far the most controversial and sensitive question because these can be a big red flag for the developer if they show up in their app. However, the way this is answered can reveal a lot about the developer and their attitude. Give a mock situation consisting of a security problem and ask them how they would solve it. The competent ones will have no problem answering and will likely give you a long list of answers and things they would do.


When talking to an app developer, especially one from a technical Houston SEO company, there are about a thousand more questions you can ask, but the ones presented here will touch all the important topics allowing you to get just the sufficient amount of information required.

Top IT & Technical Interview Questions

Every now and then, the best brands of shavers (Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington) launch their marketing campaigns with new electric shavers. You do not know which one to buy.
Apparently, all the new razors seem to be perfect. There is no type of beard to resist and of course, your skin will not experience the least discomfort for very sensitive you have it.

However, the reality may be very different. Before long we realized that the shaver we bought was not what we expected.

Although we are told about precision in shaving, speed, comfort, power, … it is not always easy to choose the best shaver.

Each person has a type of hair, a sensitivity in the skin that makes it difficult to choose the best shaver.

In spite of everything, you must be clear that there is the shaver you need, although it is not perfect, it can lead you to the conclusion that it was worth buying.

There are many men who are enjoying every morning of pleasant shaving experiences, where comfort, speed and ease of shaving with electric machine combines with a respect for the sensibility of the skin and striking rushes.

Factors to consider when buying a shaver.

1. The brand of the electric shaver

The market is practically covered by big brands like Philips and Braun (Choose between Philips or Braun is equivalent to choose between rotating shavers or sheets.). Panasonic is increasingly present and Remington has good shavers.

You can be wrong if you choose your electric razor based on the brand. It is better to discover the true benefits offered by each shaver according to your particular needs (shaving quickly a very dense beard, achieve a comfortable shave and soft in wet, …).

If you do not focus on a particular brand of electric shaver, you will have 2 great benefits:

  1. More options to choose from and find the best shaver for you.
  2. Save yourself some money by buying a similar model that another brand has at a more competitive price.

2. The sensitivity of your skin during shaving

According to various surveys conducted, 60% of men recognize having sensitive skin.

For a long time, it has been a key for a man to look carefully. Shaving has come to occupy an important place within the routines of personal care and grooming.

In this context, it is very normal to have more problems such as irritability and redness of the skin during shaving. If you have a very sensitive skin and shave daily because of obligation, you will know what I speak.

People who shave with razors suffer from small micro-cuts (20-30) that are not even visible to the naked eye but leave the skin with a rather uncomfortable itch and discomfort.
To these small cuts must be added larger ones that usually end in small bleeding wounds.


Unlike disposable razors, electric razor blades never come in direct contact with the skin, thus avoiding cuts and irritations. However, not all electric razors are just as soft with the skin; So either Philips, Braun, Panasonic or Remington, have models specifically designed for you that you have sensitive skin and you need to shave every day.

Wet & Dry electric shavers (wet shaving with gel or foam)

Although razors are much safer than razors, that should not make you think that your skin will not be irritated. The continuous sliding of the shaver on your skin will end up irritating the epidermis.

Reducing friction is the key. To do this, some electric shavers allow applying gel or foam during shaving. This uniqueness is known as Wet & Dry.

Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, go away thinking that it is better a machine that allows you to shave in wet. This type of razor is more common every day.

(1) Philips AquaTouch shavers:

  • The old model Philips AT750 / 26 is an option.
  • Although more recommended is the new Philips S5420 / 06 that improves the previous in several aspects (more precise blades, more flexible head, compatible with the SmartClick system, more complete screen and battery with the possibility of rapid loading).

    Philips AquaTouch S5420 / 06 – Electric shaver, use in wet and dry, 45 min of use / 1 h load, with protective lid of the head, black color

I recommend you read the article AquaTouch Philips Shavers, where you will see the main differences between both shavers.

(2) The Philips shaver series 7000

  • The best Philips sensitive skin shaver is the Series 7000 model.
    The head of the Philips S7370 / 12 shaver is coated with a layer of microparticles that allows it to slide with much less friction on the skin. There is no other electric shaver with this type of shaving head.
philips shaver
Philips S7370 / 12 – Electric dry and wet shaver with SmartClick precision trimmer and trimmer, blue

(3) The Philips 9000 series shavers

  • The Philips 9000 Series would be another option to consider. Being the most technologically advanced it is clear that they are soft on the skin. In addition, they achieve a better hurry and in less time.

Braun razors for sensitive skin:

Starting with Series 3, Braun has Wet & Dry electric shavers.

  • In Series 3 the model 3040s has it.
  • In Series 5, you have the 5040s razor <li
  • In series 9, the 9-9040s.

Braun series 7 and 9 shavers automatically adapt the power of the machine to beard density (smart sonic technology). This feature helps the machine not be too strong where there is a little beard because it could irritate your skin. Instead, it allows the electric razor to be used thoroughly where the beard is denser.

In addition, in the latest versions of Braun 9 series, a fifth element has been added to the shaving head. It is a thin sheet (SkinGuard protector) that helps the blades slide more smoothly on the skin and shaving is more comfortable and pleasurable. The central trimmer (titanium coated) has also been upgraded.

braun shaver
Braun Series 9 9296 cc Premium – Electric shaver with Wet & Dry Technology and Clean & Charge system, chrome color

Braun, aware that the irritation of the skin during shaving is a headache for many (and spending more than € 200 on an electric razor as well), has bet hard to solve the problem with some specific models:

For example, the CoolTec CT2cc shaver has a system that cools the sheets during shaving so that the skin does not finish reddened due to the heating caused by the friction of the head.

It is an alternative to wet shaving and has the advantage of not needing gel or foam.

And finally the Braun WaterFlex WF2s shaver: a specific model for use under the shower and with shaving foam.

braun shaver water
Braun WaterFlex WF2s – Rechargeable Wireless Electric Shaver with Wet & Dry Technology, Blue

Best Panasonic Sensitive Skin Razors

At Panasonic, most of their shavers allow wet shaving.

What happens is that some of his razors are so powerful that it is often good that they have a beard type sensor and that it is the machine that automatically slows the revolutions when there is a zone of the beard with little density of hair.

This feature has some models like the ES-LV65, ES-LV95, ES-LV6N or LT4N-S803 (among others)

panasonic shaver
Panasonic ES-LV65 – Shaver (Vibration, Black, Silver, LED, Battery, Lithium Ion, 1h)

Panasonic has provided its new high-end razors with some bands whose mission is to reduce the friction of the shaver on the skin and prevent it from being trapped between the sheets (you can see it in the section on soft slippers). It is similar to the protective SkinGuard of Braun Series 9 (latest versions), although we must recognize that Panasonic was ahead of Braun.

Remington’s Best Sensitive Skin Razors

Remington has both rotary and blade electric shavers.

If you prefer the presses, you should target high-end models, which are HyperFlex (its name begins with XR, such as XR1390, XR1370, XR1350 or XR1330).

They have the shaving head more flexible than the lower ranges of Remington and that helps you to shave without having to apply pressure. They are suitable for shaving in wet with foam.

In the film system, an interesting model would be the XF8500, since not all Remington shavers can be used in wet.

The cleaning and lubrication station for the electric shaver

Why do I need a cleaning station with my electric shaver?

It is normal for you to ask yourself the question, especially since electric shavers are easy to clean by placing the head under tap water (not all) or with a dry brush.

However, some models of razors (from the higher ranges) usually come with a cleaning and loading station that receives names like Clean & Renew (Braun) or SmartClean (Philips).

In addition to loading and lubricating the shaver, the main benefit is that it sanitizes the shaver and releases it from germs and bacteria that do not benefit you at all during shaving when your skin is very sensitive.

The cleaning station keeps the shaving head in perfect condition, which helps not only to make the shaver work better when shaving but also to extend its life. The blades are going to be more effective cutting the hair of the beard and it will take more time in needing a spare.

If your skin gets irritated every time you shave, it is no nonsense to look for a razor-based cleaning.

The tendency is that these cleaning centers with different models of shavers are becoming more compatible.

philips pro shaver
Philips 9000 S9511 / 31 – Electric shaver, dry and wet, brown

3. The type of hair and hair that grows on your beard.

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to get a good rush with an electric shaver?

Hair is extremely strong and flexible; In addition it is located on the soft surface of the skin, that tends to deform the passage of the blades. This combination makes it extremely difficult to shave (be it with a razor, razor or electric razor).

Neither are two beards the same.

A shaver can be perfect for one person and very ineffective for another.

And the hairs on the same beard can vary a lot.

No one grows hair on the face and neck in the same way. Not only varies the density, but the type of hair.

The hairs of the different areas of the skin vary in thickness and shape (they may be rounder or more oval); They can also grow more or less attached to the skin.

Not even the hair that pops your beard today will be the same in 5 years. The beard of the same person is changing with the years.


The difference between a good electric razor and a low-end razor is that while this only achieves good rushing in the “easy” areas, the high-end razor is able to cut (practically) all hair regardless of the Characteristics that it has.

It is of no use to you that the shaver leaves your cheeks perfectly shaved if in the neck is not able to cut the most rebellious hairs.

A hard beard is not exactly the same as a dense beard.

The real difficulty for an electric razor is in those areas where the more complicated hairs are joined on a very fine and sensitive skin, which is also not smooth (as is often the case in the neck).

What are the best electric shavers for tough beards?

The features that you should look at in an electric razor are the following:

  1. They are precise and able to catch (and cut) hair of different type – You must fix in the design of the blades or sheets, in the holes and grooves that they have. Depending on their design, they will be able to lift, catch and cut all types of hair.
  2. That they have the right power – And not only that the razor is very powerful. It is good that that power adapts to every situation of the beard. It is as bad as to stay short. Ideally, that power is adjustable.
    If the shaver only runs on battery power, it is important not to lose power as it is being discharged.
  3. That fit well to the contour – The flexibility of both the shaving head and the blades or sheets is essential to achieve a good rush. By pure logic, to achieve a good shaving the shaving head must be very close to the skin.

And, of course, it is critical that the blades have a good shaving performance.

What Electric Shavers Meet All (or Nearly All) Requirements?

The best Philips shaving heads:

(1) The Philips 9000 Series.

They have heads that pivot in 8 directions and the design of the blades (V-track) allows you to catch and cut different types of hair. You can see a complete analysis of this shaver in the Philips Shaver 9000 Series article.

  • Although with a “basic” model and you are going to achieve a very good hurry, as with the shaver S9031 / 12, do not forget that there are shavers within these series that allow you to adjust the power to your personal needs, such as model S9511 / 31.
Philips 9000 S9031 / 12 – Electric shaver, dry and wet, gray

(2) The Philips shaver series 7000

It is a model of shaving machine oriented to the sensitive skins, and that hurry well.

The shaving head is somewhat less flexible than the 9000 series but it is still very similar in the design of the blades. There is a comparison in this article.

philips s7370 shaver
Philips S7370 / 12 – Electric dry and wet shaver with SmartClick precision trimmer and trimmer, blue

Philips shavers new 5000 series (to a lesser extent)
Although they are of a mid-range, some models have a remarkable feature when it comes to achieving a more efficient shave. This is the possibility of increasing power up to 20% through the turbo function. In this way, even the hardest beard hairs will be eliminated.

  • The Philips S5520 / 45 series 5000 series increases by 20%.
  • The shaver S5320 / 06 by 10%.

Neither the head flexibility of the Philips 5000 nor the precision of the blades is at the level of the Philips 7000 series shavers or 9000 series

The best Braun shavers for tough beards:

(1) The Braun Series 9 shaver

They are the best shavers in Braun today.

Its head has gone from having 3 cut elements to having 4 (and 5 in the latest Braun Series 9 9296cc), which allows it to deal with the most complicated beards (the combined and combined action of its blades and trimmers, Lift, catch and finally cut more hair than any other blade shaver from Braun).

They also have smart sonic technology that makes the shaver adapt its oscillations to the density of hair that is found on your face.

Although there are different models to choose from, take advantage of a good deal and buy one that has a cleaning station is not a bad idea.

braun pro shaver
Braun Series 9 9090cc – Electric shaver with Clean & Charge station, matte silver color

(2) Braun Series 7 shavers

They have the advantage of being able to customize the shave (normal, intensive or sensitive skin) and also have sonic technology, so that the ability to adapt to different types of hair is guaranteed.

If in addition to achieving a good hurry you are interested in saving a few euros, and I warn you that it is one of the high-end razors with one of the best price / quality ratio.

The 720-6 is a good machine if you are looking for a good razor that fits and is well priced.

4. The price of the shaver.

Do not think that the more expensive you are going to shave with the electric machine.

In many cases, the additional features of the machine may not be needed and we do not have to pay for something we do not need.

Although the price of the shaver is a determining factor, it should not be the first factor to consider if:

  • Your skin is very sensitive
  • Your beard is very hard

Some razors offer a value for money ratio that makes them leaders in sales. They are true shaving classics, lifelong razors for those looking for a decent shave with no more “extras.”

A lifetime shaver (dry and wired use) can cost between € 30-40.

From here it starts to add features and the price is increasing: wet shaving, tilting head, more blades and cutting elements, with cleaning station and load, ….

In the end, a top-of-the-range razor (with cleaning and charging station) can cost you more than € 300.

braun series shaver
Braun Series 9 9296 cc Premium – Electric shaver with Wet & Dry Technology and Clean & Charge system, chrome color

The Panasonic ES-LV9N, one of its latest shavers released to the market exceeds 300 € in price.

5. Spare heads and spare parts for shavers

If all goes well, the shaver will be used for many years, but do not forget that the blades are exposed to heavy wear and have a life of 2-3 years (even less in razors) .

After that time, although you can continue to use them, you will notice how the shaver is less and less tight, it grabs more jerks and irritates the skin.

Some high-end models usually indicate you, by means of an on-screen warning, when you need to change the shaving head, so you do not even have to worry because the machine will warn you.

Before buying the electric shaver I recommend that you check two things:

  • The price of replacement spare parts – It does not make much sense to buy an electric shaver on offer if the cost of replacement heads then seems very expensive. There are times that for a little more than the heads cost you would have a new shaver.
  • The availability of spare parts – Although most razors sold are of well-known brands (Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington), for which you will not have problem in finding the spare part, this is not always It happens with other brands of shavers (which may have a very competitive price but with which you can take the surprise that you can not find spare heads anywhere).

Amazon is a place where you can find spare parts at a good price. You just have to make sure that they are compatible with the razor model you have. In the following list you have some good offers so that you renew the blades or sheets of your shaver without spending too much money:

6. The duration and characteristics of the battery.

If you look around you sure you see more than one cable. We live surrounded by them everywhere and they are a hindrance.

When it comes to shaving is a great advantage to be able to move freely without having to remove an annoying cable. Therefore, it is increasingly common for shavers to operate on battery power (wireless mode).

Some models only run on battery power and it is not a whim: it is about maintaining safety in wet environments. For example the new series 9000, 7000 and Philips AquaTouch only run on battery. Something similar happens with Braun Wet & Dry models.

That’s why you need to know what features the electric razor battery should have.

A good battery is one that:

  • It can be charged in a short time.
  • The best shavers are fully charged in 1 hour, while the most basic models employ up to 8 hours.
  • It allows shaving many times without having to reload it.
  • A good battery will make you forget to recharge it in 10-15 days. Your machine will always be ready for you to shave with it. Even if you go on a trip you will not need to carry the charger.
  • Supports fast loading.
  • Although you are in the morning the shaver without the battery charged, you can charge it in 5 minutes to shave 1 time.
  • It does not lose capacity over time (memory effect).
  • If the battery loses capacity, the shaver will lose the power it had when buying it. This is going to make the razor every time work worse and you find it increasingly uncomfortable to shave.
  • In general, modern electric shaver (Li-Ion) batteries can be charged as many times as you want and are powerful and durable.

But if you’re one of those who prefer to use the cable shaver, you’re not going to have trouble finding a model to your liking. And not only because there are old razors that work with cable, but because they are still making shavers for use with both cable and without it. The examples are in the new series 5000 Philips or the latest Braun models that are not Wet & Dry (in any of its series).

7. Maintenance and cleaning of the electric shaver

Having the machine always ready is essential for the machine to function as the first day.

The cleaning should be easy and fast, otherwise, problems will appear over time and the machine will lose the benefits it had when we bought it.

Check that:

  • The machine can be easily washed with water under the tap. It is more comfortable to clean with a brush and dry.
  • Do not need to assemble and disassemble parts of the blades and the heads that will later cost to put back into place.
  • If your budget allows, a cleaning station will make the process more comfortable and effective (and as I said above is highly recommended if you have very sensitive skin, as keeping the blades and sheets perfectly sanitized helps you have an epidermis Healthier you will suffer less during shaving).

8. La ergonomía y la comodidad de la máquina de afeitar.

If the machine is comfortable, shaving will be more pleasant.


  • Have the machine have a balanced weight.
  • You find it easy to grab and hold in the hand.
  • Not everyone has the same great hand and not all electric shavers are the same size.
  • Do not slip. Above all, if you plan to use it under the shower, it is better a model that has a rubber grip.
  • You can easily access it with the most complicated areas of the face.

9. Other factors to consider (accessories and razor display)

In addition to the above points that are basic, there are other accessory points that you should keep in mind:

  • LCD panel or shaver display.
  • It is good that the machine has a screen where you can see the battery you have left or warn you about the need to change the blades or to clean it.
  • The bag or travel case.
  • If you usually travel on a regular basis you will appreciate that the machine has a travel case or, at worst, a case.
  • Accessories for trimming beards and beards
  • Most electric razors have a precision attachment (trimmer) for trimming the sideburns and mustache or beard. There are several modalities ranging from a simple folding cutter to an accessory that is placed in the place of the head and transforms the shaver into a barber or cutter. This is the case of Philips with its SmartClick system or some models of the superior Remington rotary models.

10. Opinions on electric shavers

Knowing what other people who have used the same model that you have looked at is a good reference point. You can give clues on issues that you had not fallen (it is often unclear the features of the model or what accessories are standard, etc.)

However, you should be very cautious about opinions for several reasons:

  • Each beard is different – As I told you at the beginning of this post, every man has a hair with his own pattern of growth. It is easy that the perfect shaver for your brother-in-law is not so perfect for you.
  • We have different sensitivity on the skin – If you read the opinion of a person with very sensitive skin who has had a bad experience, you will not want to buy the same model of shaver or crazy. Sometimes the opposite happens, the opinion of a person with little sensitivity on the skin leads you to trust and buy the wrong shaver.
  • Expectations about the performance of the shaver – Some people buy the latest high-end model and expect little less than a miracle when it comes to shaving. This leads to giving a low rating to the razor that also does not correspond strictly with reality. Also, the opposite happens, many people buy the cheapest shaver and end up giving it 5 stars for the simple fact of the money that have cost.
    On some websites like Amazon, you can see opinions about the pros and cons of each electric shaver.

Just be careful that there is a high enough number of opinions and comments to make it meaningful.
I recommend that you first read the most positive (“Main positive comment”) and the most critical (“Main critical comment”).

Braun or Philips electric shaver?

The answer is not easy. Both brands have in the market very wide ranges of shavers among which to establish comparatives is complex.

Without claiming to be categorical, Braun razors have some advantages over Philips:

  • Better rush in areas where hair is more uniform and skin smoother, as on cheeks.
  • More efficient to shave the hair that grows in the same direction.
  • Better if you have fine hair.
  • Better to profile the beard and the side of the sideburns. It is much easier to trim with a straight head than a round head (this may be one of the reasons why Philips shavers in the latest series have SmartClick accessories and not a simple cutter).
  • More intuitive and similar to traditional shaving (with razor or razor) by the type of linear movement that must be performed during shaving.

For its part, Philips has some advantages over Braun:

  • Best for hair that grows in different directions.
  • Catch better thicker hair.
  • Greater adaptation to the contours. If your face is very angular, a Phillips shaver arrives better in difficult areas with its circular blades than a Braun with a long head. You should keep this in mind if you often have problems shaving the chin area.
  • Greater freedom of movement. While with a Braun shaver you have to perform a linear motion that demands a certain precision, with a Philips shaver you can draw circular movements more freely.
  • More versatile. The latest series from Philips have specific accessories for trimming the beard, trimming the temples or cleaning brushes for the skin. It is an innovative system (SmartClick) that unfolds the functionality of the shaver. You can have a shaver and a razor in one model.
  • More silent.

Panasonic shavers. The alternative to Braun

Panasonic has razors to keep in mind.

I recommend you compare your models with those of the competition, before buying.

Panasonic electric shavers have the following characteristics:

    • They use the sheet system (same as Braun)
    • They can be shaved in both wet and dry conditions.
    • They are wireless and can not be used with cable
    • They are easily washable

Panasonic shavers differ in:

  • The power – Panasonic has in its catalog very powerful razors that even surpass Braun (the model ES-LV65 of Panasonic works at 14,000 rpm, exceeding widely the power deployed by the razors of series 7 of Braun that stays in 10,000 Rpm)
  • The characteristics of the battery – Being wireless, you must take this data very well.
  • The models of the upper ranges count on batteries similar to those of Philips or Braun as far as the time of charge and the duration of the battery. However, cheaper models take up to 8 hours to charge and the battery does not last very long.
  • Beard type sensor – For smart shaving, the machine has a sensor that adapts the power to the type of beard you are shaving at that time.
    The number of sheets with the head.
  • Panasonic shavers can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 sheets. (Both 4 and 5 sheets, have a finish sheet that helps remove the most difficult hairs from the beard).
  • This feature in combination with the power allows a wide range of shavers among which you can find the best for you.
  • In the design of the blades – The best are those that have the blades in a 30 ° angle that allow to cut the hair more easily
  • If the head is pivoting and flexible
  • If they have a turbo cleaning mode

The Remington shavers

Remington is the fourth player. Some of your electric razors start to reap good opinions.

Whether they are rotating or slatted, in Remington you will find good models, but especially in medium ranges. Remington looks a lot at the issue of lowering costs and tends to lean towards what really favors performance in shaving.

Remington has shavers with a good price-quality ratio.

What will be the best electric shaver of 2016?

Philips has recently renovated virtually all of its Series (7000, 5000, 3000) and the AquaTouch range. However, its best shaver, the 9000 Series, has been on the market for some time.

Philips Series 9000 has some advantages over Braun Series 9:

  • It takes more time in the market and you can find it at more competitive prices.
  • Customize the shaver. You can adjust your shaving by selecting 3 modes (sensitive, normal and fast).
  • It is more complete. It has SmartClick accessory to profile the beard.
  • Display with more information (5 level battery indicator, cleaning indicator, low battery indicator, head replacement indicator, trip lock indicator). In Braun Series 9 the screen has even less information than in the Series 7. This is some people see it as an advantage because in the end what they are looking for is that the machine hurries thoroughly (and in this respect, the shaver performs better than none).

For its part, Braun took what is today its best shaver: the Series 9. A machine that makes an important leap in quality over previous models.

Just take a look at your head with 4 cutting elements + 1 protective sheet (SkinGuard protector) to understand that enhances any Braun razor that previously existed in the market.

Both models (including cleaning and charging station) can be found for a price that is apparently similar, but keep in mind that the Philips includes the accessory to trim the beard (if you buy it loose its price is around € 35).

Both razors are a small investment and deciding between one or the other is not easy.

And do not forget the Panasonic ES-LV65 with 5 blades and a power superior to the one of Braun.

What is the best electric razor for sensitive skin?

As I said above, sensitive skin is a major concern for both men who need to shave every day, as it is for electric razor manufacturers who try to find the best solution to the problem.

There is a myth that confuses many men who think that if a razor is very efficient hurrying it will irritate the skin.

It’s just the opposite. The better hurry the shaver the less past are needed and the less irritation will be.

The redness occurs by passing over and over again on the same skin trying to remove the hair that resists.

If you are looking for the best shaver for sensitive skin you should focus on the models of the upper ranges that are those that have the heads and cutting elements optimized for better rushing.

I want to draw your attention to the Philips 7000 series, as they have certain outstanding features that make them suitable for the most sensitive skins:

  • GentlePrecission Blades – Although designed to protect the skin, they have a pattern of holes and grooves very similar to the 9000 series that are the ones that achieve the best hurry. They have 72 cutting elements just like the top of the range.
  • Very flexible and dynamic head – Adaptability to the contour is guaranteed; And this is a factor that ensures fewer passes through the skin.
  • Sliding rings – Thanks to a microparticle coating, sliding the shaver on the skin is softer than doing it with any other type of shaver. Less friction produces less irritation.
  • To these characteristics, you have to join the possibility of using it under the shower and to use foam or gel for a more comfortable shave (it would be unthinkable that a shaver oriented to sensitive skin today would not have this property).

Some “extras” that play in favor of this razor is the ability to use accessories to clean the complexion. In this regard, there are models that have a facial cleaning brush that is placed in replacement of the head and helps you have a skin free of dead cells or impurities.

The Philips 7000 Series (S7720 / 31, S7780 / 64) can be purchased with cleaning station. It always comes out cheaper than having to buy it aside.

The model of station compatible Smart clean is the CP0253 / 01 (that also goes for the new series 5000 and AquaTouch). For the 9000 series, the SmartClean compatible cleaning station is the CP9060 / 01.

The best electric 3-day beard shaver

You will not always want to completely shave your face. Within the current lifestyle, wearing a 2-3 day beard is a common choice for many men.

Achieving an elegant and well-shaped beard of several days is not achieved without corresponding care. You will need a barber to allow you to select different lengths of cut to sharpen the beard.

One of the great strengths in favor of the new Philips shavers is the possibility of using the same razor as a barber. Some models of their different series have a beard profile that will allow you to save the purchase of a barber.

This accessory gives many of his shavers a versatility that makes them the best choice for a 3-day beard.

In practice, you will want to alternate periods in which to go with a cleaner and shaved look with others in which you prefer to go with a beard.

From the new Series 5000, Philips shavers have this possibility; Although it is more normal than this accessory for the beard you find it in the models of the superior ranges.

The following shavers include: S9511 / 31, S9511 / 31 and S7370 / 41